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Taste of Bollywood is an Indian restaurant based in Adelaide which specializes in North Indian cuisine especially the world renowned butter chicken. Located in North Adelaide, Taste of Bollywood is the first choice for Indian food lovers based in Adelaide. 

Our motto like every Indian household is to provide the best service and food which will satisfy the customer and make them happy with each bite they take. We always strive to provide an experience that is unmatched. 

Our intention is to bring authentic Indian curries and tandoori dishes with the perfect match of basmati rice or freshly baked breads to the lovers of Indian cuisine. 

Taste of Bollywood is the best Indian restaurant in Adelaide due to the traditional Indian hospitality that is engraved in our souls and the dedication to provide the best quality food to all our customers.

Here at Taste of Bollywood we have endless options for you to try each better than the other with rich flavors and spices we have tried to bring the most authentic and traditional dishes at your own Indian restaurant in Adelaide cbd

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